S2 Episodes


Vets rush to save a young Husky struck by a car, while an abandoned kitten’s neglected injury shocks the vet, and RSPCA set out to find forever homes for two dogs from very different backgrounds.


The QVS Pet Emergency team contend with a gaping wound to a young Whippet and RSPCA are challenged to treat and find homes for two dogs and a kitten with very different and specific medical needs.


A lost pet Muscovy duck has everyone at RSPCA in a flap and the challenge to find forever homes for two senior dogs tests the adoptions team. At the pet emergency hospital, a vet nurse finds herself on the other side of the treatment table after her kitten takes a serious tumble.


A dramatic tree-top rescue begins the journey for one scaredy-cat to a new forever home, while an all- too-bouncy Cavoodle is making hard work for RSPCA’s adoption team. Both the RSPCA and QVS Pet Emergency vets contend with a procession of pets with threatening toxic reactions.


RSPCA answers the call to find forever homes for 100 Chihuahuas but it’s the final two most timid dogs that need some special attention, meanwhile a devoted pet parent puts herself at risk to fight off her dog’s attacker.


At QVS Pet Emergency the team is called upon to treat life-threatening conditions for two much loved furry family members. RSPCA Adoptions are looking for furever homes for a pugnacious little pup and an affectionate little lap-dog, while the RSPCA vet team must contend with the battle scars of a stray tomcat before he can start his adoption journey.


Cats and kittens with a highly contagious infection have the RSPCA on high alert, while the Adoption team search for furever homes of a super-shy Great Dane pup and a Kelpie cross recovering a life- threatening case of heartworm. Meanwhile over at QVS Pet Emergency, the critical care team spring into action to perform very delicate life-saving procedures for two much loved family pets.


At RSPCA’s picturesque Noosa Animal Care Centre, its ‘Caturday’ and a host of adorable kittens and cats have the locals excited. Over at QVS, it’s puppies that rule the day with an unexpected pregnancy delivering 10 of the cutest surprises ever. Meanwhile, at the Brisbane RSPCA Campus, a neglected little ball of fluffy needs a serious groom and some tricky eye surgery before he can get on the road to adoption. And back in Noosa, 93-year-old Rhonda calls in the RSPCA to assist with her feuding pet Alpacas.