S1 Episodes


A veterinary team rushes to save a young dog bitten by a poisonous snake and AWL finds homes for a thin, scared mum and her three adorable pups.


Vets rush to save a German Shepherd choking to death, while a kitten gets life-saving surgery on a ruptured eye, and scruffy Jimmy finds a forever home with an owner in need of love and care too.


At a 24-hour emergency clinic, vets rush to help two Maltese Terriers experiencing seizures, while across town at the rescue shelter, a surgeon fights to save the life of an abandoned cat at risk of life-threatening infection, and adoption staff look for forever homes for two abandoned puppies.


Two long lost cats are reunited with their families, a vet nurse falls for by an abandoned kitten with a birth defect and an abandoned dog faces a daunting dental surgery and a search for a new home.


Vets fear a dog has swallowed the razor sharp teeth of a great white shark, while a volunteer animal carer works her magic to rebuild a fearful cat’s life.


A loving family teams up with trainers to give a massive Rottweiler a new chance in life, while vets work to save a tiny kitten clinging to life after a dog attack and the AWL rehoming team search tirelessly to find the right match for a young Husky.


A game of fetch leaves a dog with a shocking mouth injury, a professional (AFLW) football player and her partner search for an energetic pet to join their home and we meet an amazing woman who looks after aging animals in need of special care.


An adorable duckling causes vet clinic chaos, a loving owner refuses to give up on her anxious, aggressive dog and we learn more about the AWL foster carers who open their homes and their hearts to vulnerable, defenceless animals.